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Pitot Tube

Pitot tube is the sender of data for barometric instruments and for many other devices.There is an option at these devices that pressure is converting to voltage through the computer.
The pitot tube at Gazelle SA-341,SA-342 will be explained here.
Pitot tube is placed just under the cabine and is is collecting P1 pressure which is consisting from mostly dynamic component and slightly from static.Static component is collecting from two holes placed under the gearbox and engine from both sides of the frame.

Pitot tube components are : Pressure tube ( 2 ) rilsan, adapter ( 1) holder ( 3) drainage (4 ) montage holder ( 7 ) adapter ( 8 )

Pitot tube with the heater Heater is necessary device and it is preventing pitot tube from freezing at the same time it ensures good air flow during the cold temperatures.It has its own limitation for work.Each manufacturer has its own and it must be at the manual noted.

There is a complete scheme for connecting it  At 7 alpha there is a detector and it i…

Avionics for Airplanes and Helicopters general

Avionics in general means all electronic,electric and instrumental equipment that are placed into the airplane or helicopter.Thus it consists from many branches.The first one will be the instruments.
Instruments at the airplane or the helicopter are used for measuring and controlling various parameters during the ignition of the engine and during the flight.We can divide them into following groups.
Barometric instrumentsFlight speed indicator,Altitude indicator,Variometer.All of them are powered by air pressure static or dynamic component or both of them.
Instruments for controlling the parameters of the engineEngine RPM indicator,Main rotor RPM indicator,various temperature controllers for working temperature of components. Exhaust temperature controller everything is combined with such a fine automatics and is very reliable  indeed.Shaft controllers, torquemeter they are all obliged to give a correct data to the flying crew.
Navigation instrumentsFlight compass,Gyrocompass,Gyro horizon …

Gazelle SA 341 main gearbox description

Main gearbox is the crucial connection between Astazou engine, frame, the main rotor and tail rotor.This work of tech ingenious art is carrier of the hydro pack as well.There is a RPM sender inside it and you can see rotor rpm-s at the inside scale of tachometer at the instrumental board .At the side of main gearbox is also place for low oil  pressure sender.Everything is here at this video.

Gazelle Turbomeca Astazou III B engine complete insight

The complete insight of Turbomeca Astazou III B engine